30 Days of Biking – Week 2 Recap

30 Days of Biking – Week 1 Recap

After a mood boosting first week of #30DaysOfBiking, I rolled into week 2 with some pep in my pedal. I had forgotten how great it felt to ride every day! This week started off with inclement weather again which is really putting me to the test – storm warnings and the threat of downpours. Any other month, this would be a call to take a ride share or the car. Instead, I closely monitored the Doppler and made plans for if it did rain: I figured out a place we could seek shelter on the fly, brought along our rain coats and a book for me and the kiddo to read in case we needed to wait out any storms. Just like last week, my dedication paid off! It ended up being a gorgeous ride where we didn’t see a drop of rain. We even had a bonus epic post storm sunset to see after we left our meeting. Thank you, biking fairies!

This week once again proved to me just how darn good I feel after squeezing a ride into the shortest of times during my day. I can’t wait for another week of riding!

Here are my highlights from this second week of #30DaysOfBiking from my remote office location in North Florida:

– That sunset! (pictured below)
– Hearing an unfamiliar bird song, stopping with my binoculars to investigate, and finding who was singing! It was a white eyed vireo, a new song ID for my books.
– Riding to a local park downtown at night to grab a beer with a friend.
– Rolling through some of our gorgeous canopied roads with my East Coast colleague while filming some product.

And it’s not too late to sign up so head on over to the 30 Days of Biking site to take the pledge!

xtracycle 30 days 2
Little trail crushing after work hours.

xtracycle 30 days 2
Beautiful sunset after a stormy day. Glad we still got out there and biked!

xtracycle 30 days 2
The West Coast Xtra team rolls into Sea Otter.

xtracycle 30 days 2
Spring blooms on suburban trail.

xtracycle 30 days 2
Grabbed dinner at a favorite spot and brought it to a nearby park for a picnic and some birdwatching.

xtracycle 30 days 2
Product shoot behind the scenes sneak peek!